Packages & Fees

Before purchasing any of the packages offered, we need to have a chat to make sure we’re a good fit.  This is a 15 minute complimentary consultation via phone or zoom that you can schedule by clicking the button below.

Getting Started


Discovery Session (45 min)

2 EFT Sessions (75 min each)

Getting Deeper


Discovery Session (45 min)

5 EFT Sessions (75 min)

Single EFT Session


For Established Clients ONLY

(75 minutes)

* Why are single sessions only available for established clients?

This is a great question!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), aka tapping, is known for having the potential of going deep rather quickly, which in turn may open the door to multiple and varied aspects of the subject at hand wherein a single session with a new client would not permit the time needed for sequential work in order to seek resolution.

People are reaching out to get results yet to accomplish this it takes commitment. Together we start a process where listening, learning and applying key concepts of tapping come into play, tracking progress from focused homework and providing feedback reflects accountability that will be realized through the consistency of our meetings.

Once clients have the foundational tools and knowledge necessary to practice their tapping skills in a manner that supports their well-being and safety in achieving their goals by participating in an initial series of meetings, then of course, going into the future one session at a time would be reasonable.